Repair Specialties

Fink’s Luggage & Repair Co. can repair a wide variety of suitcases, handbags and business cases. For questions regarding repairs, please complete the information form below or call us at (503) 222-6086. If you wish to send in your repair please use Fed Ex or UPS and obtain a tracking number. Please include a copy of the print out form along with your repair. We will contact you with a repair estimate quote if you have not already received one prior to shipment.

To return your product for repairs or warranty evaluations, please select from the list of manufacturers that corresponds with your product. Please include a print out of the form. If we determine that your product does not fall within the manufacturer’s warranty, you will be notified with a repair estimate prior to completion.

Airline Damage Repairs

Damage repair claims must be reported to the carrier responsible within 24-48 hours or before you leave the airport. Please contact your carrier for additional information regarding their policies. For passengers who have filed repair claims, please see below for a list of carriers we can bill directly. All damaged bags must be submitted to us for repair within 30-days in order to be billed back to the carrier.